"O'Hara's writing is like the Irish fog...it's both glowing and lightly pushed by an unacknowledged melancholy."
                                 -- Kirkus Review


A Lucky Irish Lad
by Kevin O'Hara
(Author) (Hardcover - February 2010)

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Kevin's Latest Book, "A Lucky Irish Lad"





Kevin O’Hara recreates his boyhood with these wonderful stories of growing up in Massachusetts in the 1950s and 60s as one of eight children. His parents, born in Ireland, came to this country for their children’s sake. His family struggled against grinding poverty but they never gave up and never lost their faith that God had a plan for them.

Kevin learned the lessons of making do and making things last, and what the true riches of the world are: good health and the love of a united family. All these lessons grounded him as he reached adulthood…and was sent off to fight in wilds of Vietnam as a reluctant solider.

This book will tug at your heart and make you cry tears of both sorrow and joy. It is a story about the Irish-American experience but it is much more--it’s the story of a generation growing up in the shadow of the Second World War and the start of a new age of hope and promise, a time when people believed that anything was possible as long as you dared to dream and had faith in yourself.

And a little Irish luck couldn’t hurt either.

"Kevin O'Hara's memoir of being Irish and growing up in small-town America of the fifties and sixties captures the time, the place, and the ethnic family values with such an unerring eye that you'll hear the bands on the Fourth of July, taste Mallo Cup candies, share in the cadences of the Rosary----and smell a young draftee's fear in the horror that was the Vietnam War. This is memwoir as tour de force."
               --Patrick Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of An Irish Country Doctor

"This funny, sweet, and fast-moving memoir tells the story of growing up in a large Irish family in a small Yankee town--a way of life that has almost disappeared. Kevin O'Hara deserves a prominent place in the long tradition of the Berkshire's finest story tellers."
               --Debby Applegate, winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for The Most Famous Man in America: The Biograpghy of Henry Ward Beecher











The warm-hearted story of an Irish-American who goes back to discover his roots

Some people search for the truth of their lives in their families and in their past. Some go back to their roots in an effort to discover who the people were who helped shape their lives.

Kevin’s journey began as a mad lark: who in the world would convince themselves that they could circle the entire coastline of Ireland walking alongside a donkey and cart. On his unforgettable journey, Kevin meets some of the more colorful examples of Irish wit, humor, (and temper), and through adversity, sheer folly, and some joy, finds out just the sort of fellow he’d become...and the man he could be.

Told with humor and love, Last of the Donkey Pilgrims is a book for those who need to make the journey of the soul . . . and those who wish they could.

Berkshire Living Article May 2007, "A Walk to Remember" (pdf)

"One of the Finest books about contemporary Ireland ever written"
               --Library Journal

“This deeply touching odyssey of two pilgrims--one a courageous man and the other a courageous donkey--touched me as few books have. I laughed and cried and agonized with the pair every step of their incredible journey. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”
               -- Morgan Llywelyn

"With the belly warmth of a perfectly pulled pint, the legendary
twinkle of the Irish and the eyes of a photographer, Kevin O'Hara
records the story of his ramble around the rim of Ireland!"
               -- Ruth Bass, The Berkshire Eagle

"An absolute gem."
               -- The Donegal Democrat

"Kevin O'Hara's book should be in every Irish classroom."
               -- Matt Molloy, The Chieftans



Last of the Donkey Pilgrims
by Kevin O'Hara (Author) (Hardcover - January 2004)

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