Missie and Kevin on the road

Thanks to the kindness of BBC1-Northern Ireland, I can now share this long-lost video clip of dear Missiecakes and myself on the road from Myroe to Greysteel in Co. Derry during my donkey-go-round, which can be found in Chapter 46, “A Celebrity in Derry,” page 301, in “Last of the Donkey Pilgrims.”


3 thoughts on “Missie and Kevin on the road

  1. Just stopped by to see how the new website was coming along and was happily surprised by this video! It was fun to see you as the young hippy walking around Ireland that I remember from the book and a privilege to be able to see Missie in all her glory!

  2. I am now reading your great book about you and your donkey. I have never been to Ireland however my grandmother was born in mayo county. As an Irish American I hope to some day visit the land of my grand parents even if it is only a small part of Ireland . Your book gives me great insight as to how it was in the 1970s. I am sure it has changed.. Thanks for the great story.

  3. I have read this wonderful book, The Last Donkey Pilgrim. I grew up in Africa, my parents were both Irish born as were my siblings. I made 2 visits to Ireland, the ist in 1972 and again in 1978. I came to live here with my family in 1997, what a difference! Reading this book brought back so many old memories of the way of life, a simpler life, in Ireland. I have been working with donkeys for twelve and a half years for the Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll Co Cork, and when I am traveling the coast roads around Munster I constantly think that these are the roads that Kevin and Missy traveled all those years ago. The book brings back what is important in life, and what is so often missing now. I still find the old Ireland in the places I go and the people I meet which is wonderful.
    I heard Kevin on Irish radio last month, talking to Ryan Tubridy, I hope that when Kevin returns to Ireland again he will contact the Donkey Sanctuary because we would all like to meet him.
    There was a young Polish woman who tried to do the same walk around Ireland that Kevin did, I met her at the Sanctuary and heard her story, traumatic, unfortunately she was unable to finish her trip.
    I recommend The Last Donkey Pilgrim not only to donkey lovers but to anyone who is interested in Ireland and the wonderful people who live here.

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