New webpage under construction!

Dear All,

My webpage is currently being revamped via my nephew in San Diego.  Since I’m totally inept in the computer world (after all, I’m a donkeyman), this will be a learning experience but, in time, I’ll be savvy enough to post such things as scheduled readings, new projects, and who knows what!

So welcome to my site and I’ll surprise you …in time!

All for now,  KO’H


2 thoughts on “New webpage under construction!

  1. Dear Kevin,
    I can’t thank you enough for your article in today’s Eagle about Frank Procopio and the Collings Foundation war planes. He was there when I visited, but kept getting mobbed by people wanting to hear his stories. I have to admit I took notes, but only got his last name. Your story was an answer to a prayer.
    As you know I am working on a novel based in WWII about a B-24 pilot. Would I be imposing to ask if you could send my contact info to Mr. Procopio? I would love to talk to him. My pilot flies a mission to Ploesti, Romania on August 1, 1943 and I’m curious if Mr. Procopio did as well, as he was based in North Africa. I would still love to talk to him about his service, regardless.
    I’m deep into research right now, so have not been writing as much as I like, but have about fifteen chapters, some in order and some further down the outline. Thank you for any help you can give. Good luck with your own writing.
    Take care, Connie Bullard #XXX-XXX-XXX[Mod Edit]

  2. HI I just bought your book Last of the Donkey Pilgrims and read A lucky Irish Lad first. My great Grandmother was Margaret Kelly from the same area as you Grandmother and Great Grandparents. She was born in the early 1800’s and married my great grandfather Thadius Timothy Hurly in 1820 in Ireland. They belonged to the Ogullia Catholic Church in that area in Roscommon County. Margaret is buried in a lone grave in the Sligo Catholic cemetery in Sauk County WI . I wondered if you could give me any leads on her family . They immigrated to Canada or the US during the famine years. I would love to go on your yearly tours but think I am to old for the trip. I loved your books and thanks for any help you can give me . Delores Fargen Redding CA

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